Человек из буша

Bush Tucker Man

Год 1987
Длительность 00:30
Страна австралия
Жанр документальный
Режиссер David Tunnell, Stephen Burstow, Tim Clark
Продюсер Stephen Burstow, Tim Clark, Дэвид Леонард
В ролях Les Hiddins
Major Les Hiddins of the Australian Army was born in Queensland and was always interested in Aboriginal customs and practices and how those practices helped a people survive in a hostile environment for thousands of years. When he joined the Army he developed this interest into a skill and put it to good use. Learning how to survive in the Australian bush and then to teach others the same skills. He wrote various survival manuals for the Australian Armed forces and added survival notes to the back of maps used by pilots flying over the Australian bush. In this series of programmes Les shares that knowledge with us, teaching us some of his survival skills and his great respect for the Aboriginal people that taught him.

2 сезон

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2 East to West не указано
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