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Seinto Seiya: Omega

Афина, защитница человечества, существует в разных мирах и воплощается среди смертных, чтобы спасти их от пришествия зла.

2 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
46 The End of the Battle! Become a Legend, Kouga! 30.03.2014
45 The Final Battle! Go, Omega Saints! 23.03.2014
44 Overcome the God! Seiya's Cosmo! 16.03.2014
43 Fighter of Hope! The Ties That Bind Saints! 09.03.2014
42 The God of Time! The Ascent of Saturn! 02.03.2014
41 Seiya's True Feelings! The Lie From His Return! 23.02.2014
40 Athena and Pallas! Battle of the Goddesses! 16.02.2014
39 Taurus Charge!! Reaching Pallas's Chamber! 09.02.2014
38 Awaken! The Ultimate Omega! 02.02.2014
37 The Remaining Determination! The Great Saints' Teachings! 26.01.2014
36 The Gold Union! The Forbidden Mystery! 19.01.2014
35 The Secret of the Cloths! A New Power Is Activated! 12.01.2014
34 Fighting Destiny! The Confession of Rebellion! 05.01.2014
33 The Approaching Shadow! The Gold Saints Protecting Athena! 22.12.2013
32 Shiryu and Ryuhou! Spirit of the Five Old Peaks! 15.12.2013
31 The Peak Fighting Spirit! Ikki vs. Aegaeon! 08.12.2013
30 Putting On the Chronotector! The Four Heavenly Kings' Attack! 01.12.2013
29 The King of Time! Hyoga's Absolute Zero Air! 24.11.2013
28 The Offense and Defense Assasin! Shun's Secret Chain! 10.11.2013
27 The Deciding Battle Begins! To Decide the Fate of the Goddesses! 03.11.2013
26 Move Time! Athena's Saints Gather! 27.10.2013
25 The Phoenix! Phoenix Ikki Arrives! 20.10.2013
24 The Destined Encounter! The Return of Gemini! 13.10.2013
23 Kiki's Battle! The Friends That Surpass Generations! 06.10.2013
22 Tears of Equuleus!? Awakening Two Cloths! 29.09.2013
21 The Inherited Cloth! The Birth of Equuleus Subaru! 22.09.2013
20 The Accursed Cloth!? The Equuleus Saint! 15.09.2013
19 The Cloth Destroyer! The Stray Pallasite Attack! 01.09.2013
18 Stir the Storm of Flames! Yuna and Souma's Friendship! 18.08.2013
17 Koga and Pallas! Encounter on the Battlefield! 11.08.2013
16 Subaru, the Cosmo of Wonder! Eden's Mission! 04.08.2013
15 The Steel Struggle! The Nameless Warriors! 28.07.2013
14 Break Down the Gate of the Iron Wall! Pegasus's Spear and Dragon's Shield! 21.07.2013
13 Go Forward, Saint! The Innaccesible Road to Palace Belda! 14.07.2013
12 Seiya, Head to the Frontlines! Athena's Decision! 07.07.2013
11 Genbu's Deadly Battle! Excalibur vs. the Sword of Libra 23.06.2013
10 A Great Army Approaches! The Battle to Defend Palaestra! 09.06.2013
9 The Star of Steel! Subaru, Embrace your Fighting Spirit of Steel! 02.06.2013
8 The Bond between Brothers! Andromeda Shun Joins the Battle! 26.05.2013
7 The Four Great Kings Arive! Athena vs. Pallas Complete Showdown! 19.05.2013
6 Defeat Pegasus! Eden, the Warrior of Solitude! 12.05.2013
5 Resound in my Heart! Haruto's Shout! 05.05.2013
4 The Irreplaceable One! Dragon, Awake! 28.04.2013
3 Strengthen my Courage! Cloth, be Reborn! 21.04.2013
2 The Reunion! Souma, Let Your Spirit's Flame Burn! 14.04.2013
1 The New Cloth! Take Flight, New Pegasus! 07.04.2013

1 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
51 Shine, Koga! The Final Battle Between Light and Darkness! 31.03.2013
50 Take it to Seiya! The Wish of the Young Saints! 24.03.2013
49 The Ruler of Darkness! The Terror of Abzu! 17.03.2013
48 Gather Friends! Koga's Overflowing Cosmo! 10.03.2013
47 The Only Hope! A New Battlefield! 03.03.2013
46 Koga and Eden! Young Cosmo, Slay the Darkneess! 24.02.2013
45 The Malevolent War God! Mars and Ludwig! 17.02.2013
44 For My Friends! The Hidden Power in Koga! 10.02.2013
43 Resurrection of the War God! Break Into the Last Temple! 03.02.2013
42 The Traitorous Gold Saint! Ionia versus Kouga! 27.01.2013
41 Tokisada's Ambition! The Champion Beyond Time! 20.01.2013
40 Sonia's Resolution! The Chain of Fate Is Broken! 13.01.2013
39 Reunion in Libra! Clash, Gold vs. Gold! 06.01.2013
38 The Heroic Betrayal! Eden's Determined Fighting Spirit! 23.12.2012
37 The Unshakable Guardian! The Virgo Gold Saint! 16.12.2012
36 Shattered Pride! Mycenae's Kingly Fist! 09.12.2012
35 The Fist of the Lion! Eden's Sorrowful Battle! 02.12.2012
34 The Threshold Between Life and Death! The Battle of the Underworld! 25.11.2012
33 The Essence of Cosmo! The Seventh Sense! 18.11.2012
32 Fearing the Truth! The Unearthly Atmosphere of Cancer! 11.11.2012
31 The Crossroad of Fate! The Enigma of Gemini! 04.11.2012
30 Wondrous Power! The Taurus Saint! 28.10.2012
29 The Beginning of a New Battle! The Zodiac Temples! 21.10.2012
28 The Strongest Army! The Gathering of the Gold Saints! 14.10.2012
27 The End of the Journey! The Light of the Girl and the Youths! 07.10.2012
26 Reminiscences and Revenge! The Trap of the Ruins of Darkness! 30.09.2012
25 Unknown Territory! The Moment of a Chance Meeting! 23.09.2012
24 Aiming for a Reunion! Let's Go to the Last Ruins! 16.09.2012
23 Invading the enemy camp! Young Saints, Together Again! не указано
22 Feelings Toward My Friends! The Pride of the Saints and the Way of the Shinobi! не указано
21 The flightless Pegasus! The journey of forfeit! не указано
20 For Aria's sake! Eden's Wrathful Lightning Strike! не указано
19 The secret of the Five Old Peaks! Pass it down, Father, the fighting spirit of Shiryū! не указано
18 The flames of revenge! Sōma, the battle of destiny! не указано
17 We must protect them! The Cloth Repairer and the Legendary Ore! не указано
16 At the star of destiny's side! The way of living of a Saint! не указано
15 Rise, Poisonous Fang! The second ruins surrounded by Intrigue! не указано
14 Reunion in my homeland! Mentor and disciple duel in the snowfields! не указано
13 Seiya's Message! To you, I entrust Athena! не указано
12 The Inherited Cosmo! Shun, the Legendary Saint! не указано
11 Protect Aria! The attack of Sonia, the pursuer! не указано
10 Suicidal rescue! The other Gold Saint! не указано
9 The crisis of Sanctuary! Dash, Ninja Saint! не указано
8 Fateful Meeting! The smashing Gold Saint! 20.05.2012
7 The fist of a friend! Strike, Pegasus Meteor Punches! 13.05.2012
6 The curtain raises! The Saint Fights! 06.05.2012
5 Selection Trials! Challenged in the Camp of Death! 29.04.2012
4 The Son of a Hero! Ryuho versus Koga! 21.04.2012
3 The Law of the Mask! The Wind Saint appears! 15.04.2012
2 Departure! A new generation of Saints! 08.04.2012
1 The life that was saved by Seiya! Revive, legend of the Saints! 01.04.2012


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