Великолепные Братья Адреналини

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers

The Amazing Adrenalini Brothers - Xan, Edi and Enk: Three daredevils on a World Tour performing the wildest stunts the world has ever seen. They know no fear, they know no limits, they know no English! But, they do know how to speak the international language of FUN! Leaving behind their little known homeland of Rendoosia, where danger is a way of life, the Adrenalinis are on a mission to amaze people all over the world with their mind-boggling feats, which are spectacular in the extreme but never turn out quite as expected. Yahzaa Adrenalini!

2 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
12 Clubs of Hope/Visitors of Vengeance/Island of Isolation не указано
11 Cavemen of Invention/Monsters of Immensity/Siesta of Spite не указано
10 Эпизод #2.10 не указано
9 Эпизод #2.9 не указано
8 Voyage of Discovery/Dragon of Antagonism/Farm of Forgetfulness не указано
7 Tails of Longing/Mother of Mayhem/Razors of Allure не указано
6 Ladders of Courage/Jobs of Jeopardy/Mathematics of Misery не указано
5 Leprechauns of Mischief/Barrels of Love/Catwalk of Outrage не указано
4 Эпизод #2.4 не указано
3 Эпизод #2.3 не указано
2 Crate of Expectations/Beans of Magnitude/Builders of Frenzy не указано
1 Child of Danger/Camp of Calamity/Field of Frights не указано

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Серия Название Дата выхода
13 Flowers of Dread/Logs of Wars/Growls of Hunger не указано
12 Oil of Avarice/Swords of Justice/Vikings of Romance не указано
11 Hooves of Thunders/Actors of Infamy/Rockets of Rage не указано
10 Cruise of Disaster/Rollercoaster of Wreckage/Bears of Disruption не указано
9 Factory of Malfunction/Biceps of Triumph/Kangaroos of Menace не указано
8 Diapers of Despair/Lamps of Confusion/Dolphins of Doom не указано
7 Voices of Madness/Gondalas of Jealousy/Pyramids of Panic не указано
6 Pirates of Greed/Sleighs of Hazard/Chute of Death не указано
5 Knights of Ineptitude/Wheels of Destruction/Hunchback of Heartbreak не указано
4 Cape of Majesty/Bellies of Belligerence/Peaks of Peril не указано
3 Flames of Fury/Convicts of Shame/Claws of Malice не указано
2 Jungle of Ruin/Waves of Turmoil/Kilts of Uproar не указано
1 Saddles of Insanity/Guitars of Destiny/Fangs of Horror не указано


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