Год 2010
Страна филиппины
Жанр боевик, детектив, драма, фэнтези
Премьера в мире 04/10/2010
Режиссер Jerry Lopez Sineneng, Richard Somes, Trina N. Dayrit, Чито С. Роньо
Продюсер Janina Elaine Maquiddang, Myleen Ongkiko, Sackey Prince-Pendatun
Сценарист Mark Duane Angos, Arah Badayos, Dang Bagas, Джей Фернандо, Джером Ко, Ma. Nikki Jane Bunquin
В ролях Джон Ллойд Круз, Анхель Локсин, Maricar Reyes, Джейк Рохас, Вивиан Велез, Хайме Фабрегас, Джонни Ревийя, Niña Dolino, Рико Бланко, Дино Империал, Пиоло Паскуаль, Карлос Моралес, Трэвис Крафт, Хомари Ильяна, Nikki Bacolod, Джеффри Кисон, Олвин Ютингко, Зеппи Борромео, Ричард Кан, Жанвье Дэйли, Марни Лапус, Кристель Морено, Marlann Flores, Марк Хиль, Menggie Cobarrubias, Andre Tiangco, Герхард Акао, Эрика Падилья, Перри Эсканьо, Luke Jickain, Froilan Sales, Fred Payawan, Justin Cuyugan, Van Roxas, Халила Агилус, Данило Барриос, Pewee O'Hara, Эмиль Сандоваль, Guji Lorenzana, Nash Aguas, Френсин Прието, Тайрон Перес, Precious Lara Quigaman, Карлос Агасси, Ку Акино, Кристиан Васкес, Хайрус Акино, Мэттью Мендоза, Бугой Кариньйо, Арчи Алемания, Toffee Calma, Rocky Salumbides, Hermes Bautista, Chris Lomotan, Никки Валдез, Тоу Рейес, Hiyasmin Neri, Allyzon Lualhati, Крис Мартинес, Diana Malahay, Шири, Лео Гамбоа, Леандро Бальдемор, Мануэль Чуа, Vangie Labalan, Брайан Джозеф Сантос, Джетро Рамирес, Беверли Сальвьехо
300 years ago, a group of powerful clan came to this island. They were known as vampires or blood drinkers. They quickly grew in numbers and their violence increased. Unknown to them another powerful clan lived in the island, the werewolves. Sensing to protect the humans, the werewolves organized a warrior group just to destroy all the vampires. The vampires were no match to the werewolves. They were exterminated one by one. The survivors hid from the clutches of the werewolves. Peace eventually came among the humans and the werewolves and as time passed by, memories of the vampire dwindled gradually. Unbeknownst to all and during those times, the vampires were organizing and fortifying their clan. They believed that one day they would reign. Vampires believe in a prophecy that foretells an epic battle between the two powerful clans - a war that will finally decide the one blood that shall rule them all. It will be lead by the most powerful vampire and werewolf. While the vampires were getting ready, the werewolves grew complacent. With the stage set for the biggest battle between the world's two most powerful clans, Mateo (

1 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
148 Mateo and Lia Proves That Their Love Is Greater and Beyond Imortal Beings 29.04.2011
147 Magnus Tries to Team Up with Lucas Against Lia 28.04.2011
146 Sam Challenges the Ultimate Monster, Lucas 27.04.2011
145 The Real Monster in the Prophecy Slowly Comes Into Picture 26.04.2011
144 The Final Battle Between Mateo, Lia and Lucas Looms Near 25.04.2011
143 Mateo and Lia Are Forced to Be Separated for the Safety of Their Baby 20.04.2011
142 Will Lucille Be Able to Kill Lia & Mateo's Child? 19.04.2011
141 Mateo and Lia Find Ways to Defy What's Foretold 18.04.2011
140 Mateo and Lia Refuse to Believe That Their Child Will Be a Monster 15.04.2011
139 Lucas Suffers from Magnus' Bite 14.04.2011
138 Lucille Continues to Break the Werewolf-Vampire Treaty 13.04.2011
137 Mateo and Lia Continue to Push the Treaty with the Approval of the Wayas 12.04.2011
136 Will Lia Put Up with the Ultimate Monster? 11.04.2011
135 Everybody Fears the Outcome of Mateo and Lia's Relationship 08.04.2011
134 Mateo and Lia Face the Werewolves as Husband and Wife 07.04.2011
133 Mateo Carefully Analyzes His Father's Advice 06.04.2011
132 Lydia Fears That Mateo Won't Survive 05.04.2011
131 More Secrets About the Prophecy Are Unveiled 04.04.2011
130 Lia Pursues with Her Plans to Kill Mateo 01.04.2011
129 Lia Allows Lucas to Get to Her Heart 31.03.2011
128 Magnus' Reign Will Soon Be Over 30.03.2011
127 Can Lia Really Kill Mateo? 29.03.2011
126 Lia Slowly Remembers Her Lost Memories 28.03.2011
125 Magnus Tells the Other Vampires That He Already Killed Mateo 25.03.2011
124 Mateo Thinks of Different Ways on How to Convert His Vampire Clan to Non-Human-Blood Drinkers 24.03.2011
123 Lia Wants to Find Out Mateo's Significance in Her Life 23.03.2011
122 Though Unnerved by Mateo's Explanations, Lia Still Attempts to Kill him 22.03.2011
121 Mateo Tries to Find Out Why Lia Can't Remember Their Past 21.03.2011
120 Lia Is Confused on Mateo's Reactions Upon Attacking Him 18.03.2011
119 Lia Reinstates Herself as the Supreme Punong Bantay 17.03.2011
118 Mateo Betrays the Other Vampires by Letting Go of the Captured Werewolves 16.03.2011
117 Samantha Tries to Compel Lia 15.03.2011
116 Lia Is Determined to Hunt Down Mateo 14.03.2011
115 Lia Seeks Samantha's Help to Forget Mateo 11.03.2011
114 Mateo Demands to Know Why Magnus and His Clan Attacked Dara's Family 10.03.2011
113 Olive Falls into the Vampire Lair 09.03.2011
112 Magnus Targets Lia's Loved Ones to Trigger Her Anger 08.03.2011
111 The Chosen Ones Still Can't Manage to Kill Each Other 07.03.2011
110 Will Lia Finally Fulfill Her Part in the Prophecy? 04.03.2011
109 The Human's Fear of the Vampires Forces Them to Be on Their Side Against the Werewolves 03.03.2011
108 The Vampires Goes Up Against the Punong Bantay 02.03.2011
107 The United Vampire Clans Hunt Down the Werewolves in Their Safe Houses 01.03.2011
106 Vampires Claim Their Assumed Rightful Place Amongst Human and Werewolves 28.02.2011
105 The Vampires and Werewolves Both Prepare for the Upcoming Eclipse 25.02.2011
104 Sam Fights His Father's Vampire Clan to Save Mateo from Their Cruel Way of Living 24.02.2011
103 Magnus Lures Mateo to Being Evil Again 23.02.2011
102 Lia Sets Off to Find Out Why Mateo Hates Her 22.02.2011
101 The Werewolves Gang Up on the Newly Surfaced Mateo 21.02.2011
100 Mateo Finally Reveals Himself to the Werewolves 18.02.2011
99 Lucille Is Determined to Get to the Bottom of the Pranks Played at Waya Inc. 17.02.2011
98 Lia Moves on with Her Life Away from the Werewolves and Vampires 16.02.2011
97 Mateo Copes with the Information Told by Samantha 15.02.2011
96 The Vampires Talk about New Ways on How to Bring Down the Werewolves 14.02.2011
95 Lia and Samantha Mourn Over Losing Mateo 11.02.2011
94 Even Mateo and Lia's Love May Not Be Enough to Save Their Lives 10.02.2011
93 Lia Takes Part in Roman's Execution 09.02.2011
92 Magnus Assures That Mateo Will Become a Vampire 08.02.2011
91 Will Mateo Finally Embrace His Vampire Destiny? 07.02.2011
90 Lucille Proposes a Truce to Lia to Get to Roman 04.02.2011
89 How Can the Other Vampires Led by Roman Figure Out a Way to Lure Mateo to His Vampire Path? 03.02.2011
88 Mateo Faces His Father, Roman 02.02.2011
87 Lia and Mateo are Separated After the Failed Execution 01.02.2011
86 Will Lia Be in Time to Save Mateo from Public Execution? 31.01.2011
85 Lucas and Sam Pair Off to Put a Stop to Mateo's Execution 28.01.2011
84 The Werewolves Detain Lia and Mateo 27.01.2011
83 After Lucille's Shocking Announcement, Lia Guards Mateo from the Other Werewolves to Protect Him from Being Captured 26.01.2011
82 Lucille Makes a Grand Return in Mateo and Lia's Wedding 25.01.2011
81 How Long Can Lia Hide Mateo's Hidden Identity to the Other Werewolves? 24.01.2011
80 Mateo and Lia Try to Fight the Prophecy Through Marriage 21.01.2011
79 Lia Tells Abraham That She is Willing to Turn Her Back from the Werewolves to Protect Mateo 20.01.2011
78 Abraham Discovers That Mateo is the Chosen Vampire 19.01.2011
77 To Lia's Great Surprise, Mirriam Whole-heartedly Disagrees to Their Wedding 18.01.2011
76 Magnus and the Other Vampires Worry about Mateo's Destiny Which Leads Them to a Decision to Take Matters with Their Own Hands 17.01.2011
75 As Lia Fulfills Her Position as Punong Bantay, Mateo Comes to Term on Being a Vampire 14.01.2011
74 Mateo and Lia are Both Having the Hardest Time in Accepting Their Destiny as the Chosen Vampire and Werewolf 13.01.2011
73 Will Lia Have the Guts to End Mateo's Life Before He Becomes a Full-Pledged Vampire? 12.01.2011
72 Jethro Confronts Lia on Hiding the Truth About Mateo with the Rest of the Werewolves 11.01.2011
71 Lia Tries to Convince Mateo That Their Love Can Go Beyond the Prophecy 10.01.2011
70 Will Mateo Tell Lia of His Vampire Past? 07.01.2011
69 Vampires Hunt Down Mateo to Prove If He Really is the Chosen One 06.01.2011
68 Mateo Answers His Questions Through a Long Lost Friend 05.01.2011
67 Lia Realizes that Mateo is Slowly Drifting Away from Her 04.01.2011
66 Mateo Reacts Violently After Discovering His Ancestry 03.01.2011
65 The Rest of the Vampires Hunt Down Samantha While She Still Tries to Protect Mateo 31.12.2010
64 Lia Refuses to Be Sidetracked with Her Feelings as She Battles It Out with the Vampires 30.12.2010
63 Will Jethro Tell the Wolves His Latest Vision? 29.12.2010
62 All the Werewolves are Told to Protect Lia 28.12.2010
61 The Werewolves Send Out Troops to Haunt Vampires 27.12.2010
60 Will Mateo Join Sam as a Vampire? 24.12.2010
59 Tom Does Everything He Can to Turn Mateo into a Vampire 23.12.2010
58 Sam Tells Tom That Mateo is the Chosen Vampire 22.12.2010
57 Lia Consults Abraham on Why the Vampires Called Her the Chosen Werewolf 21.12.2010
56 Vampires Carry Through Their First Plan Against the Werewolves 20.12.2010
55 Sam Has to Decide Immediately If She Will Turn Mateo into Their Kind If She Wants Him to Join Their Side During the War 17.12.2010
54 The Werewolves and Vampires Mobilize Their Troops for Battle 16.12.2010
53 Mateo Gives Lia a Personalized Gift 15.12.2010
52 Mateo and Lia Go Out on a Date for the First Time 14.12.2010
51 The Werewolves Send Out Troops to Find Vampires 13.12.2010
50 Tables Turn When the Wayas Question Lucille 10.12.2010
49 Sam Believes that the Only Way to Win Mateo's Heart is to Make Him a Vampire 09.12.2010
48 Lia and Mateo Brawl with the Other Werewolves to Save Mirriam 08.12.2010
47 Lia and Mateo Follow the Other Wayas to Save Mirriam 07.12.2010
46 Sam Is Determined to Kill Lia Right Away for She Believes That the Chosen Werewolf Is Weak, Afraid and Not Ready to Fulfill Her Destiny 06.12.2010
45 Sam Finally Meets the Chosen Werewolf, Lia 03.12.2010
44 As Lucille Interrogates Abraham, She Discovers Lia's Unknown Strength and Capabilities as a Werewolf 02.12.2010
43 Mateo Finds it Hard to Accept That Lia is a Werewolf 01.12.2010
42 Lia Makes a Split-Second Decision to Save Mateo 30.11.2010
41 Mateo and Lia Finally Give in to Their Feelings as They Plan on How to Go Back to the City 29.11.2010
40 Will Mateo Find Out That Lia is a Werewolf? 26.11.2010
39 Lia Refuses to Be Questioned by Albert, Instead She Runs Away and Asks Mateo to Go with Her 25.11.2010
38 Mateo and Clarisse's Wedding Takes a Quick Turn When Mateo Decided to Follow His Heart Instead 24.11.2010
37 Lia Tells Jethro the Truth About the Animal in His Vision and Her True Nature 23.11.2010
36 Lia Takes Seriously the Latest Blog of Jethro about a Man in Danger with a Certain Animal 22.11.2010
35 Lia Fully Transforms Into a Werewolf 19.11.2010
34 Samantha's Love for Mateo Becomes Undeniable 18.11.2010
33 Clarrise Humiliates Lia in Public and Mortifies Her in Front of Mateo 17.11.2010
32 Mateo Gets All Rigid as He Deals with Lucas' Anger and Disappointment 16.11.2010
31 Lia Decides to Fight Back as She Finds Her Inner Strength 15.11.2010
30 Will Mateo Find Out about Lia's Lobo Lineage? 12.11.2010
29 Mateo and Lia Walk Out from Simon's Party 11.11.2010
28 Mateo and Lucas Turn from Friends to Foes 10.11.2010
27 Lucas Finally Acknowledges His Feelings for Lia 09.11.2010
26 Samantha Tries to Find Lia 08.11.2010
25 Clarisse Tries to Kill Lia 05.11.2010
24 Lia Trains to Fulfill Her Lobo Lineage 04.11.2010
23 Lia Falls in Love with Mateo 03.11.2010
22 Lia's Uncle Wants to Hide the Truth About Her 02.11.2010
21 Lia Saves Mateo from Elder Vampires 01.11.2010
20 Will Lia Be Able to Stop Mateo's Fate from Happening? 29.10.2010
19 Mateo Begins to Get Confused about His Feelings for Lia 28.10.2010
18 Lia Warns Mateo But Will He Listen to Her? 27.10.2010
17 Lia Finally Gets to Meet the Anonymous Blogger 26.10.2010
16 Samantha Finds Out about the Secret Behind Mateo's Identity 25.10.2010
15 Lia Starts Searching for the Anonymous Blogger 22.10.2010
14 Mateo Learns of His Similar Experiences with Samantha and Asks Her to Know What They Mean 21.10.2010
13 Will Mateo and Lia Overcome Lucille's Threat? 20.10.2010
12 Mateo Begins to Get Confused with His Peculiarities 19.10.2010
11 Samantha Tries to Lure Lucas 18.10.2010
10 Mateo Hides His Feelings for Lia 15.10.2010
9 Lia Gets Punished by the Waya Council 14.10.2010
8 Mateo and Lia Face Danger 13.10.2010
7 Samantha Lures Lucas into the Vampire's Lair 12.10.2010
6 Know Samantha Imperial's Role in the Life of the Lobos 11.10.2010
5 Mateo and Lia Face the Harsh Realities of Life as They Mature 08.10.2010
4 Lyka Vows to Protect Lia, Even to the Point of Risking Her Own Life 07.10.2010
3 Mateo and Lia Cross Paths for the First Time 06.10.2010
2 Roman Asks Lyka for Help 05.10.2010
1 Two Powerful Clans Fiercely Battle Each Other for Sole Domination of the World 04.10.2010


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