Dickens of London

Dickens of London

Mini-series on the life of Charles Dickens, the great English author. Charles grew up in a family where his father was larger than life. The elder Dickens is a teller of tales and always seem to have ambitions that are well beyond his means or his capabilities. He is also constantly in debt and at more than one point in his life, finds himself in debtor's prison forcing Charles to leave school at the age of 12 and work. Charles finds success in his writing and marries, his wife Kate bearing them many children despite her delicate mental state. He has a touch of his father in him however, particularly when it comes to money. He is of course remembered as one of the great writers of the 19th century.

1 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
13 Memories 21.12.1976
12 Angel 14.12.1976
11 Nightmare 07.12.1976
10 Magic 30.11.1976
9 Dreams 23.11.1976
8 Possession 16.11.1976
7 Money 09.11.1976
6 Fame 02.11.1976
5 Success 26.10.1976
4 Love 19.10.1976
3 Blacking 12.10.1976
2 The Deed 05.10.1976
1 Mask 28.09.1976


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