The Romance of Three Kingdoms

In an age of turmoil, heroes will rise. . . It is the end of the 2nd Century and China is in a state of turmoil. The land is divided by warlords and the country is facing famine, droughts, and invasion from bordering tribes. On top of the problems the country is facing, Zhang Jiao and his brothers begin to rebel against the Han, while advocating the arrival of a new era, the era of the "Yellow Dragon," implying that if people followed him, they would lead prosperous lives. Thousands of desperate villagers flocked to follow Zhang Jiao as they raided government offices and plundered towns and villages alike in protest of heavy taxation, wearing only a "yellow turban" on their heads. As their strengths and numbers grew, the "Yellow Turbans" overthrew some of the Imperial Court's best generals and strongest forces. Concerned for their capital in Luo Yang and for the Han empire, the Imperial Court immediately constructed an "alliance" by requesting volunteers across the country to settle the rebellion. Three distinct generals were recruited - Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian. Together with their own officers, the Yellow Turban rebellion was quickly laid to rest and each of the men involved immediately gained popularity and power with the people. As their powers grew, however, each continued to seek more control of their territories and to unite all of China under one rule. One fought for hegemony. One fought for ambition. One fought for righteousness. Veteran officers and generals who shared the same visions swarmed under each leader. These stalwart souls waged war across the vast expanse of the land and, like blood thirsty demons, cut down any and all that stood in their way. Thus, the romance of the Three Kingdoms begins . . .

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10 Zhuge zhuang shen 01.01.1995
9 Qi shan dou zhi 01.01.1995
8 Sima qu yin 01.01.1995
7 Kong cheng tui di 01.01.1995
6 Sima fu chu 01.01.1995
5 Shou Jiang Wei 01.01.1995
4 Chu shi bei fa 01.01.1995
3 Qi qin Meng Huo 01.01.1995
2 Jue lu wen jin 01.01.1995
1 Bing du Lushui 01.01.1995

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17 An ju ping wu lu 01.01.1995
16 Huo shao lian ying 01.01.1995
15 Xing bing fa Wu 01.01.1995
14 Cao Pi cuan Han 01.01.1995
13 Cao Cao zhi si 01.01.1995
12 Zou Mai Cheng 01.01.1995
11 Shui yan qi jun 01.01.1995
10 Qiao duo Han Zhong 01.01.1995
9 Ding Jun Shan 01.01.1995
8 Li si zhi zheng 01.01.1995
7 Hefei hui zhan 01.01.1995
6 Dan dao fu hui 01.01.1995
5 Duo zhan xi chuan 01.01.1995
4 Yi shi Yan Yan 01.01.1995
3 Feng Chu luo po 01.01.1995
2 Liu Bei ru chuan 01.01.1995
1 Zhang Song xian tu 01.01.1995

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24 Ge xu qi pao 01.01.1995
23 Wo Long diao xiao 01.01.1995
22 San qi Zhou Yu 01.01.1995
21 Hui Jing Zhou 01.01.1995
20 Gan Lu Si 01.01.1995
19 Mei ren ji 01.01.1995
18 Li duo si jun 01.01.1995
17 Zhi qu nan jun 01.01.1995
16 Huo shao Chi Bi 01.01.1995
15 Zhuge ji feng 01.01.1995
14 Heng shuo fu shi 01.01.1995
13 Pang Tong xian lian huan 01.01.1995
12 Ku rou ji 01.01.1995
11 Cao chuan jie jian 01.01.1995
10 Qun ying hui 01.01.1995
9 Zhou Yu Kong She Ji 01.01.1995
8 Zhi ji Zhou Yu 01.01.1995
7 She zhan qun ru 01.01.1995
6 Xie min du jiang 01.01.1995
5 Huo shao Bo Wang Po 01.01.1995


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