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Powder Park

Dependable Max Lindner and his loutish best mate since childhood Philip 'Fibbes' plan to celebrate graduating from Münich in a Colorado snowboarding camp, but when Max's father Ludwig is incapacitated indefinitely they decide to cancel till further notice to save the Lindner family business, a ski inn in Hochtal, Bavarian Alps (Southern Germany). Then they decide to do even better: behind conservative Ludwig's back they create a snowboarder heaven of their own, 'Powder Park', despite vicious sabotage from the nasty mayor Hubertus Sailer. Besides the business side and the young, sometimes troublesome guests, the studly boys, soon joined by Georg, Sailer's soft-hearted son their age, must also deal with lots of problems in the Lindner family (mainly max's ma's frustration, sister Lindy and her darling 'fatherless' kid-son Florian) and their own bumpy love-lives plus some shorter story lines.


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