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Юки Морикава, девушка главного героя по имени Тоя, начинает восхождение к вершинам карьеры поп-звезды, что не слишком положительно сказывается на личной жизни молодых людей. Чем больше съемок и выступлений у Юки, тем меньше времени у неё получается проводить с Тоей, тем более что далеко не все окружающие хотят видеть эту пару вместе. И со временем, несмотря на поддержку коллеги и подруги Юки – популярной и очаровательной певицы Рины Огаты – поддерживать отношения становится всё сложнее.

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13 We Are Sitting Together, Throughout the Night, Without Moving 25.12.2009
12 They are to Blame. I'm not to Blame. Only They are to Blame. Only I ... 18.12.2009
11 Night does nothing for you. The sun is what makes things fade. 11.12.2009
10 We hope to catch colds in order to be nursed and fed. We don't even imagine the pain we're about to endure. 04.12.2009
9 Worried you're not a good speaker? Try talking with your eyes. It'll make you want to talk in no time. 27.11.2009
8 I want to return to the fork in the road. I should have gone right instead. I've regretted every second since then. 20.11.2009
7 Love is not rational. The lovers who said this were poets, critics, and philosophers. 13.11.2009
6 They usually say you move on to the next when you're bored with what you have. Although, I usually seem to be bored well before moving on. 06.11.2009
5 Don't bugs have it too easy? They shut themselves away in their shells, and yet they're claustrophobic. 30.10.2009
4 There are lies one wants to be exposed. There are also truths one does not want to believe in. In my case, there is one of each. 23.10.2009
3 Thinking back to when one was young, there are things so embarrassing it makes one writhe in agony, compared to that... 16.10.2009
2 The thing you can`t find ends up destroying your surroundings. Because you can`t find it, there`s nothing that can be done. 09.10.2009
1 I`ve never been able to tune properly. I can`t stop thinking that it could sound better. 02.10.2009

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13 The vase was leaning toward one side, yet you didn`t notice? Because there was not even a drop of water left. 28.03.2009
12 To bind. To deceive. To take away. To give. What`s most painful is to wait. 21.03.2009
11 Time Does Not Solve the Thorns In Our Heart. It Just Puts A Label of Oblivion On It. 14.03.2009
10 The reason a one person fight feels hollow isn`t just because it`s one person. The eyes of the audience hurt. 07.03.2009
9 There`s No Need For Clever Scenarios In Memories. The Second They Come Out, Everyone Speaks Nonsense of Them. 28.02.2009
8 The less time we have, the more we accomplish, the more we end up doing. Love, as well. 21.02.2009
7 An image must be continually built upon, for it`s something that crumbles at the edges already. 14.02.2009
6 A good way of forgetting about your own worries. How about sticking your head into other people`s business, what do you think? 07.02.2009
5 Obstacles aren`t always the ones close to us. The less we know the person, the tougher it is 31.01.2009
4 There Are Times You Feel A Mutual Understanding More Than You Can Ever Imagine. Yet, The Reverse Is Frequent As Well Though. 24.01.2009
3 Hand to Hand, Shoulder to Shoulder, Back to Back, And Then. It is Fine Even With Clothing 17.01.2009
2 Do You Believe In Encounters Scheduled Long Before? 10.01.2009
1 Right, From That Time On, The Switch is Turned On Already 03.01.2009


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