Дело Бейдербека

The Beiderbecke Affair

Trevor Chaplin teaches woodwork and likes to listen to jazz. Jill Swinburne teaches English and wants to help save the planet. Trevor tries to buy some jazz records but this leads to meeting a "dazzlingly beautiful platinum blond", a suspicious detective sergeant and a strange pair of men running a junior football team. Big Al and Little Norm agree to help Trevor and Jill with their school supplies problems. Jill decides to stand as a local councillor. A tale of "Black Economies", council corruption and many strange characters all set to a background of Bix Beiderbecke.

1 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
6 10.02.1985
5 03.02.1985
4 (торренты отсутствуют) 27.01.1985
3 (торренты отсутствуют) 20.01.1985
2 (торренты отсутствуют) 13.01.1985
1 (торренты отсутствуют) 06.01.1985


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