Maze bakunetsu jikû

Maze: The Mega-Burst Space is the story about a young, shy, and soft-spoken girl with hidden powers, who travels mysteriously through time and space into a mysterious world. There she meets fugitive Princess Mill of the Batonian Empire who is on the run from the Jaina Holy Group. Maze's new role is to protect Mill, who eventually falls in love with Maze. Along the way, Maze and Mill run into a couple of friends - Rapier, Solude, Aster, Woll, and Randi. At night, however, Maze turns into a seductive male who has an uncontrollable desire to sleep with girls.

1 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
25 Mega-Burst Space Adventure 24.09.1997
24 The Ultimate Battle: Good Against Evil 17.09.1997
23 Capitals Under Assault! The Evil Gorgeous 10.09.1997
22 The Power Disappears! Threat Draws Near 03.09.1997
21 Summer Angel! Barefoot Fairy 27.08.1997
20 Pursuit Under the Moon. Beautiful Stranger 20.08.1997
19 High School Student. My Name is Mei...... 13.08.1997
18 Sturm and Drang Super Teleportation 06.08.1997
17 Collision: Saint and Sinner. Maze Dies!? 30.07.1997
16 Eve of the Decisive Battle. Emotions Confuse 23.07.1997
15 Expectant Project. Ukyo in the Hotsprings 16.07.1997
14 Holy Arrival! Activate Rom Armor 09.07.1997
13 Falling Headlong!? Maze Wanders in Time 02.07.1997
12 The Best on Earth - Great Verdict 25.06.1997
11 Superficial Gorgeous Playboy 18.06.1997
10 Hurricane Flash - The Duel in the Midday 11.06.1997
9 The Rise and Fall of Glory - The Tearful Ending 28.05.1997
8 Dark Road of the Hell Labyrinth 21.05.1997
7 Beautiful, Brave Female Knight 14.05.1997
6 Invincible Affectinon Rom Armor 07.05.1997
5 Traditional Strength, Blue Wolf 30.04.1997
4 The Ultimate Red-Hot Rage 23.04.1997
3 Impossible to Escape, a Most Critical Situation 16.04.1997
2 The Strongest Lightning-Speed Couple 09.04.1997
1 A Stranger Lost in Random Space 02.04.1997


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