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Happy Lesson

Chitose is a teenage boy who has no parents, and lives alone. He gets bad grades and eats instant meals. Five of Chitose's teachers decide that they want to be the ones to raise him, they want to be his moms. Chitose is tortured daily by these "moms", and it seem they're trying to kill him! But in some strange way, he feels lonely when they're not around. But can he deal with their study crazy trials, "expiriments", whiny ways, and the students surrounding him at school at the same time?

2 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
13 Wai Wai - Clamor - A Farewell Day не указано
12 Naze Naze - Why Why - Mutsuki Runs Away From Home не указано
11 Gaya Gaya - Noisy - Hazuki's My Shop не указано
10 Uso Uso - Lies Lies - Goodbye, Kii-Chan не указано
9 Hoka Hoka - Warm and Fuzzy - Alone With Kanna не указано
8 Yura Yura - Swaying - Memories at the Shore не указано
7 Mote Mote - Popular - Satsuki's Omiai не указано
6 Pin Pin - Sharp Senses - Mina-Chan in Big Crisis не указано
5 Sowa Sowa - Rustle Rustle - School Trip не указано
4 Yare Yare - Well Well - A Day of Nurse's Office не указано
3 Uzu Uzu - Impatient - Uzuki is a Mom не указано
2 Bare Bare - Clearly - Nagatsuki's Secret не указано
1 Pika Pika - Sparkly - Uniform Show не указано

1 сезон

Серия Название Дата выхода
13 Dithering - Hazuki Announces Her Retirement? не указано
12 Exhausting - Club Activities! не указано
11 Floating - Uzuki is an Angel? не указано
10 Exicting - Mina Does Her Best! не указано
9 Restless - Conquer The World не указано
8 Freezing - One Night In A Blizzard не указано
7 Unsteady - Which Place is Big Brother's? не указано
6 Bye-Bye - Adieu Spirit of Misfortune не указано
5 Happy - Let's Study не указано
4 Exciting - Teacher Moms не указано
3 Unsettling - Happy Mamas! не указано
2 Exciting - Vacation! не указано
1 Exciting - Mama Teachers не указано


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