Братья-близнецы Тацуя и Кадзуя, а также их соседка Минами с самых ранних лет были вместе. Вместе играли, ели, принимали ванну… Обычные друзья детства… Прошло время и они подросли. Трудолюбивый Кадзуя стал любимцем всей округи, играя ведущую роль в школьной бейсбольной команде, тогда как безнадёжный лентяй Тацуя остался в тени славы брата, с чем легко смирился, несмотря на свои незаурядные способности. Однако с повзрослением ребята заметили, что рядом с ними есть и была одна очень прекрасная девушка, которая, сама того не подозревая, встала между ними. Внезапно Тацуя осознал, что готов уступить брату всё на свете, но только не красавицу Минами! Два брата-близнеца, одно лицо на двоих, два сердца, бьющихся в одном ритме, зеркально разнящиеся характеры и общая любовь. Кто выйдет победителем в негласном поединке за сердце прекрасной Минами?…

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Серия Название Дата выхода
22 New starting line, from Uyesugi Tatsuya to Asakura Minami... 22.03.1987
21 Let`s win Meisei! Koushien is waiting for us! 15.03.1987
20 No more chances!? It`s coming! The Kashiwaba sign! 08.03.1987
19 Finals for whom!? Tatsuya, show you can do it! 01.03.1987
18 Go go Meisei! Play ball to victory! 22.02.1987
17 One more to get to Koushien! Hope! Kazuya`s promise 15.02.1987
16 Celebrate, victory of the finals! Our fate lies in Kashiwaba`s hand! 08.02.1987
15 In the middle of the semi-finals! Ta-chan going for the big new record! 01.02.1987
14 Here it comes! Coach`s order! Wounded heart, enduring Kashiwaba`s program! 25.01.1987
13 Distressing image pile up! Tatsuya`s more than Minami expected! 18.01.1987
12 It`s unexpected!? The game`s not over yet! 11.01.1987
11 Round before the semi-finals! Meisei vs. 3 pitchers!? 04.01.1987
10 Tatsuya`s the ace? Under lots of pressure!? 28.12.1986
9 It`s not revenge!? No sign of the fourth battle! 21.12.1986
8 Surprise!? Kashiwaba romance! Love this girl because she looks like Minami 14.12.1986
7 I`m not going to lose the third battle! Show you the ace battle! 07.12.1986
6 Unforgettable showdown?! Now he`s back! 30.11.1986
5 Yuka-chan in danger!! Don`t force the date so much 23.11.1986
4 What will Tatsuya do in the second battle! Koutaro`s big fix!! 16.11.1986
3 I can see! Kashiwaba brother`s secret 09.11.1986
2 First battle is no problem! The real enemy is Kashiwaba!? 02.11.1986
1 First battle! We`re not going to lose!! 26.10.1986

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Серия Название Дата выхода
23 Combination 2: Fight Meisei!! Kashiwaba doesn`t scare us 19.10.1986
22 Combination 1: Asakura Minami is 18! Now is the time for youth!! 12.10.1986
21 First match of the competition! Now summer is here!! 05.10.1986
20 Thinking of the floor exercise! Minami is waiting for Tatsuya!? 28.09.1986
19 End of the cooking trouble!? Secret taste is from Minami`s spice 21.09.1986
18 Finally! Cooking battle between Minami & Yuka 14.09.1986
17 Chef Yuka! It`s a long hard road to be a gourmet chef!! 07.09.1986
16 Scarier than the demon? Lady Yuka`s cooking camp!! 31.08.1986
15 Summer camp starts! Evil coach is waiting!! 24.08.1986
14 Summer is soon! How many more dropout troubles 17.08.1986
13 The Koushien dream! Don`t rush your resignation!! 03.08.1986
12 Stop Tatsuya! Yuka`s forced dating strategy!! 27.07.1986
11 Oh-oh, we`re beginning to see! Coach Kashiwaba`s true character!! 20.07.1986
10 Minami is the student council president? An idol one way or another! 13.07.1986
9 Go for it, Minami! It`s not suitable to give up 06.07.1986
8 A Practice Game Without Justice! Let`s See How Good the Demon Coach Is 29.06.1986
7 The Secret Behind the Sunglasses! Who Is Kashiwaba? 22.06.1986
6 The Couple Bathed in Sepia Color! Minami`s and Nitta`s Seaside Story 15.06.1986
5 Hey, Kashiwaba! Let`s Fight Over Minami`s Fate!! 08.06.1986
4 Hard-fighting new coach! Minami`s still number one 01.06.1986
3 The Stormy Meisei Baseball Club! As Minami Leaves More Trouble Arrives 25.05.1986
2 I`m Kashiwaba! I Won`t Put Up With Crybabies!! 18.05.1986
1 A Mysterious New Coach is Coming!! 11.05.1986

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Серия Название Дата выхода
29 Recap II: I Won`t Let Anyone Else be the Ace! 04.05.1986
28 Recap I: Memories are too Beautiful... 27.04.1986
27 Finally, it`s the Last Chance for the Koushien!! 20.04.1986
26 Tatsuya`s Extracurricular Lesson... Too Much Thinking is a Part of Love! 13.04.1986
25 The Three-Dimensional Broadcast of Love! You`re an Annoyance!! 06.04.1986
24 I Can`t Accept It!? Minami`s Declaration of Love to Tatsuya!! 30.03.1986
23 An After School Date!? Minami and Nitta are in a Risky Relationship!! 23.03.1986
22 No Longer the Good-For-Nothing Big Brother! The Koushien has Entered Our Sights!! 16.03.1986
21 Finally, Uesugi Shows Up! Nitta, Let`s Fight it Out!! 09.03.1986
20 The Battle Against Sumi Tech! What!? The Pitcher is Yoshida!! 02.03.1986
19 Declaration of Rivalry! Please Surpass Uesugi Kazuya!! 23.02.1986
18 Aim to be the Ace! My Rival is Uesugi!! 16.02.1986
17 Yuka`s Private Investigator Journal! Where are Minami and Tatsuya Headed 09.02.1986
16 Nitta and Minami are Fast Getting Close to One Another!? 02.02.1986
15 One More Extra-Inning Game!? A Rectangular Relationship Concerning Minami 26.01.1986
14 The 11th Inning in the Rain! The Bases Loaded with Two Outs!! The Batter is Nishimura 19.01.1986
13 The Second Game is a Heated Pitching Duel! Tacchan vs Tenacious Nishimura 12.01.1986
12 Let Me See What You`ve Got! Cool Nitta vs. Tenacious Nishimura!! 05.01.1986
11 The First Game of the Preliminary! A Brainy Tacchan Has Emerged 29.12.1985
10 Aim For Koushien! The Baseball Club Is Right In The Middle Of A Camp!! 22.12.1985
9 Just The Two Of Us! A Dangerous Night For Minami And Tatsuya!? 15.12.1985
8 I`m so concerned!? About Minami the talk of the towns these days! 08.12.1985
7 Do Your Best, Tatsuya! The Nerve-Wrecking First Outing 01.12.1985
6 The Birth of a New Gymnastics Star! Minami is a Genius, as Expected!? 24.11.1985
5 I Am Kazuya`s Love Wife! But I Worry About The Idiot Big Brother 17.11.1985
4 Strong-Armed Tatsuya! But Control Is Still A Work In Progress! 10.11.1985
3 The glorious Uniform Number 1. If i try it, there`s no reason I can`t do it 03.11.1985
2 What? The Kind Tacchan is not qualified to be a boxer!? 27.10.1985
1 The Baseball club without an ace is like... 20.10.1985

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Серия Название Дата выхода
27 A Summer that was too short... Goodbye Kat-chan! 13.10.1985
26 Game Over! If you`re not here... 06.10.1985
25 Minami`s longest day! Come quick Kat-chan!!! 29.09.1985
24 One more for the Koushien and there is one more dream for Minami! 22.09.1985
23 Deliver it to Minami! Will it come!? The game winning hit with love 08.09.1985
22 The game is starting soon! Kazuya vs Terashima 25.08.1985
21 Kat-chan wanted to make it to Koushien for Minami`s sake 18.08.1985
20 Tatsuya`s Charming Characteristics 11.08.1985
19 Want to forget but cannot be forgotten. An incident that will remain in your memory 04.08.1985
18 Tatsuya`s Feelings Are A Bit Complicated 21.07.1985
17 Minami`s First Kiss 14.07.1985
16 Kazuya`s Heart is Lemon-Colored 07.07.1985
15 It`s a big event! Tatsuya slaps Minami!! 30.06.1985
14 Unhappy? Minami and Kazuya are the best couple? 23.06.1985
13 Kazuya is worried! Koutarou-kun in a love slump 16.06.1985
12 First practice! Vigorous Kazuya and worn-out Tatsuya!? 09.06.1985
11 The coming baseball club! Tatsuya`s subtly swaying heart!! 02.06.1985
10 Everyone`s worried, the mood is fine. We`re high-schoolers! 26.05.1985
9 Tatsuya and Harada-kun`s dangerous friendship! 19.05.1985
8 Tatsuya up to bat! Serious sibling showdown?! 12.05.1985
7 What? Really? Tatsuya and Minami are getting married? 05.05.1985
6 Are the rumors true?! The relationship between Minami and Kazuya (on everyone`s mind) 28.04.1985
5 Excitedly touching the baton! Reach the finish line!? 21.04.1985
4 Did you see it or not? Minami`s diary! 14.04.1985
3 Unexpectedly pitching in a game for the first time! Cause trouble in the name of Katsuya!? 07.04.1985
2 Women`s intuition! Wondering a little about Tatsuya`s ability 31.03.1985
1 No matter what everybody says, we`re twins! 24.03.1985


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