Год 1959
Длительность 02:30
Страна индия
Жанр мелодрама, семейный
Премьера в мире 01/01/1959
Режиссер Ажит Чакраборти
Продюсер Ажит Чакраборти
В ролях Мина Кумари, Радж Кумар, Шобха Кхоте, Агха, Дурга Кхоте, Нааз, Гопи Кришна, Раджа, Правин Паул, К.С. Дюбэ
At the very moment of her birth, ill-fated Chhaya's mother passes away, her dad loses his job, and their house burns down. She is shunned since then by children her age as well as their parents. Her dad brings her up with a lot of love, and even arranges her marriage with a young man, whose mother, uncle and nephew approve of Chhaya. But when the uncle finds out about Chhaya's past, they reject her. This news kills her dad, and Chhaya re-locates to live with her friend, Leela Lal, who lives a middle-class lifestyle with her husband, Murari, and her mother-in-law, who is very superstitious and never lets Leela out of her sight. Murari and Leela introduce her to Prakash, an airline pilot, and both eventually fall in love with each other. When Prakash takes her with him to meet his mom, Chhaya finds out that she is the same woman who rejected her and abruptly leaves without meeting anyone. Prakash manages to convince her to marry him despite of her background, and she does. Both go to live with Prakash's family, but Chhaya is treated as an outcast and every possible mishap is blamed on her presence. Will Chhaya's presence continue to cause problems in this household also - especially when Prakash's plane goes missing?

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