Holiday in Bombay

Holiday in Bombay

Cousins and avowed bachelors, Nath and Gautam, plan a trip to Bombay with the sole motto of entertainment, fun and frolic. After drinking the cup of pleasure to its full they should return to their native place as neat and clean as they had come i.e. without losing their precious "DIL" to any city sweetie. But the bachelors cannot escape the trap of nature and Nath and Gautan lose hearts to bewitching Vijay and Seema respectively and carry on romantic interludes hiding from one another. When Cupid reaches its climax the boys persuade their common friends Shambhu and Sharda a happily married couple, to negotiate their marriage with the guardians of their love larks. But Vijay's Mama, refuses Sharda's offer demanding Rupees Fifty Thousand from the props- ective groom Nath, while Seema's hand is refused to Gautam by her boxer father who intends her marriage with an athlete only. Disappoi- nted at the outset the couple later seek civil marriage and one fine day Nath and Gautam face each other in their true colours, the brides occupying the places of their secrets. For a while it seemed that the cousins had embarked on a happy married life, but the conspiracy of the villainous Mama wrecked their homes. A situation is created where the better halves Vijay and Seema abandon Nath and Gautam, taking the two fake imposters to be their real wives. And then begins the drama of hilarious comedy and tense suspense with the Mama and Hanuman Prashad, the notorious secretary of the chawl in which Nath and Gautam had their apartments, at the helm of affairs. And as though to add fuel to the fire Choudhary, Nath's father and Gautam's uncle, appears on the scene furiously demanding the accounts from the wrestlers.

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