After having been married to India-based Mr. Thakur for several years, suddenly Mrs. Thakur and her grown daughter, Meena, decide to re-locate and settle down in a communist country, and do so without notifying Mr. Thakur. Worried about their whereabouts, Mr. Thakur hires a young man, Jai, to go locate them, and if possible bring them back. Jai accepts this assignment and soon arrives in the foreign country, which is ruled by a military general who has never shown his face to anyone. Assuming the identity of Shinraaz, Jai goes around trying to locate the two women, and does find Meena, who works as a dancer in a posh hotel. It is here that Jai will learn what brought Meena and her mom to this country, and why both are unwilling to return to India.

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