Правитель Айодхьи

Ayodhyecha Raja

When Bhagwan Shri Narad Muni informs the inhabitants of Swarglok about Raja Harishchandra's compassion and generosity, Sage Vishwamitra decides to verify this for himself and travels to meet the Raja. Once there, he demands the Raja's kingdom, and after receiving it, asks one of his disciples to be the new Raja. Not satisfied, he asks Harishchandra, his wife, Taramati, and son, Rohidas, to take off all their ornaments and royal clothing, go into exile, as well as labor, earn a thousand gold coins in two months, and remit this to him as his Dakshina. Harishchandra agrees, and re-locates to Kashi where his entire family work to collect wood for a cemetery, and then are hired by Mahajan Ganganath. At the end of two months, all they accumulate is a mere 10 gold coins. It is then Harishchandra decides to sell himself in the slave market - a decision that will alter their lives forever.

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