Год 1988
Длительность 01:50
Страна индия
Жанр драма
Премьера в мире 21/07/1999
Режиссер Шаджи Н. Карун
Сценарист S. Jayachandran Nair, Шаджи Н. Карун, Reghunath Paleri
В ролях Premji, Арчана, Лакшми Кришнамуртхи, В.К. Срираман, Rahul Lakshman, Гопалакришнан, Mullanezhi
Raghu, the only son of Raghava Chakyar was born late for him. So he poured his entire love and affection on him. Raghu, studying in an engineering college in a far away city has to arrive at his home to attend the engagement ceremony of his only sister. But he doesn't. The father starts his endless wait for his son. He daily waits at the bus stop till the last bus from the town also returns. Raghava Chakyar comes to know from newspapers that Raghu was taken into custody by the Police for political reasons. He reaches the capital and meets the higher Police officials. But they pretended helpless as there is no proof that Raghu was taken into custody. Raghu's sister comes to understand that he probably would have died in police custody after being tortured, but cannot bear to tell this to her father. The old man's grip on reality slowly slips and he starts dreaming that his son is with him.

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