Devi is a young woman who lives in a village in India with her widowed mother, Jamuna. She meets with the local doctor, Shekhar, both fall in love with each other, and get married. This marriage does not meet with the approval of Shekhar's elder brother, and his widowed mother-in-law, who. along with an unmarried daughter, Shobha, are living with him after the demise of eldest daughter. She also does not approve of this marriage as she wants Shekhar to marry Shobha. When Shekhar decides to re-locate due to animosity shown to his wife, the brothers compromise and Devi is reluctantly welcomed. Soon Devi becomes pregnant much to the delight of Shekhar. Then Shekhar must travel overseas to attend a medical seminar. A few weeks later when he returns he finds that Devi has left. When he goes to look for her at her mother's house, he is asked to go to the local brothel where he finds Devi's photograph, alongside the photo of her widowed mom in the arms of a male. Shocked beyond his belief, Shekhar returns home, begs his brother for forgiveness, and vows never to have to do anything with Devi nor marriage to any other woman. The question remains is Devi really a Courtesan, and who exactly is the man in the photo with her mom?

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