Dr. Shyam lives in a small village in India, and has committed himself to work selflessly for the betterment of the villagers, especially when he finds out that his money-lender father, Lala Dinanath, has capriciously taken over some of their properties. He meets with Watchman Shambhu's daughter, Radha, and both fall in love with each other. The villagers do not take kindly to this romance, until and unless Shyam agrees to marry her. Shyam and his mother, Mangala, are agreeable, but Dinanath has other plans for Shyam and refuses to give his blessings. Before Shyam and his mother could decide anything further, Shyam is caught red-handed having an affair with another woman, whose name is Bela, who claims that she is pregnant with Shyam's child. Watch how this incident impacts Radha's life, and if at all she will ever get over Shyam's betrayal.

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