Вошь Фьерро

Fierrot le pou

Год 1990
Длительность 00:08
Страна франция
Жанр комедия, короткометражка
Режиссер Матьё Кассовиц
Сценарист Матьё Кассовиц
В ролях Alain Brena Labinsky, Матьё Кассовиц, Fabienne Labonne
A young man shoots hoops in an empty gym. He misses constantly. At the other end of the court, a young woman arrives and starts warming up. She rarely misses. He's white, she's African-American. From time to time, she glances at him and smiles. He's fully aware of her presence and of his lack of talent. Is there any way he can impress her? His imagination takes over.

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