Тёмный властелин

Kaala Samrajya

Underworld Don, Kaalkeshwar Singh, has a problem on his hands when he is confronted with a fellow criminal gangster, who wants more than his share. During this confrontation, Albert pulls a gun to shoot Kaalkeshwar, but due to the intervention of Arjun, Albert himself gets killed, and a grateful Kaalkeshwar asks Arjun to spend some time on his estate in the country. Kaalkeshwar finds out that Arjun's girlfriend, Maria, had been molested by Albert, and had then killed herself. Arjun has thus avenged her death. Kaalkeshwar introduces him to his wife, Monica, who is very subdued and submissive. Quite unknown to Arjun, Kaalkeshwar is very possessive of his wife, and had even killed a man at a party just for shaking hands and complimenting her. When Kaalkeshwar comes to know that Arjun and Monica are having an affair, one can well imagine his wrath - for there is no telling what Arjun's fate is going to be - after Kaalkeshwar is done with him.

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