Год 2013
Длительность 01:04
Страна сша, канада
Жанр боевик, приключения
Премьера в мире 15/03/2014
Режиссер Ben Sturgulewski, Nick Waggoner
Продюсер Mike Brown, Zac Ramras, Nick Waggoner
Сценарист Ben Sturgulewski, Nick Waggoner
В ролях Биллинэйр Крус, Каси Райн Мазак
Valhalla, Sweetgrass Productions' fourth feature film, is the tale of one man's search to rediscover the freedom of his youth. Beyond action sports-- with Valhalla's totally unique style and structure, is a daring new spin on the ski film, exploding the boundaries of the genre, and opening the eyes and melting the hearts of any story-loving soul. With hard-hitting ski an snowboard action complimenting a more narrative-driven approach than our past films, or perhaps any other ski movie before it, we follow one man's escape into the Northern woods, and his wild journey towards satisfaction, understanding, and love in some of the deepest snows on earth.

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