Кровать из дерева гинко

Eunhaengnamoo chimdae

Год 1996
Длительность 01:28
Страна корея южная
Жанр мелодрама, боевик, фэнтези
Премьера в мире 17/02/1996
Режиссер Кан Джэ-гю
Продюсер Щин Чхоль, О Джон-ван, Хан Джин
В ролях Хан Сок-кю, Чин Хи-гён, Ким Сон-гён, Ли Бом-су, Хе-джин Шим, Щин Хён-джун
Su-Hyun, a 30-year-old art lecturer and his girlfriend, Sun-Young have lived a peaceful life until he comes across an antique wooden bed made from gingko tree and gets pursued by the ghost of General Hwang. Resurrected General Hwang roves modern Seoul ripping the hearts out of people to maintain human form. Su-Hyun does not know why General Hwang seeks to kill him but soon finds out that in their previous lives they were enemies. More than a thousand years ago, court musician Su-Hyun fell in love with princess Midan, who was General Hwang's fiancé. Princess and the court musician's elopement ends in tragedy when Hwang abducts Midan and kills Su-Hyun. On this mournful scene arise a pair of gingko trees housing the souls of Midan and Su-Hyun. General Hwang destroys one of the trees and the other tree embodying Midan's soul gets crafted into a bed. Confined in the bed for a thousand years, Midan longs to meet her beloved court musician, reincarnated as Su-Hyun. Discovering the heartbreaking love story in his past life leads Su-Hyun to confront with General Hwang, who still desires Midan. Su-Hyun and Midan's short reunion was impeded by General Hwang's bursting on the scene. Now, Midan chooses to be locked up in the bed, to run away from Hwang despite it being in flame. Midan and Su-Hyun may have to wait another thousand years to meet again but they're convinced that their love for each other will never die.

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