Åsa-Nisse på jaktstigen

Åsa-Nisse på jaktstigen

Åsa-Nisse and Klabbarparn are hunting enthusiasts. This includes illicit hunting, but the new police officer Klöverhage keeps a sharp eye on them. When Åsa-Nisse happens to get caught with his foot in his own fox trap, Klöverhage steps in and brings him before the court in Jönköping. Leaving the court Åsa-Nisse convinces his companions Klabbarparn and Jönson to take the opportunity to have a merry evening in town, before returning to the countryside. They go to the dance restaurant Alphyddan, where they find two young women, Greta and Astrid, who Åsa-Nisse invites to dinner. He pays the bill for all of them, and they eat, drink and dance. After the spree Åsa-Nisse and his friends don't know how to go home, but the two young women lend their bikes to them. Some days later Greta and Astrid go by bus to Knohult to get their bikes back. Åsa-Nisse has hard to explain for his wife Eulalia, what kind of relationship he has to the two young women.

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