At Night I Fly

At Night I Fly

Год 2011
Длительность 01:28
Страна швеция
Жанр документальный
Премьера в мире 25/11/2011
Режиссер Michel Wenzer
Продюсер Тобиаш Янсон, Jenny Örnborn, Louise Køster
In At Night I Fly: Images from New Folsom, inmates at one of California's most maximum security prisons let us see their world. This world is less about dangerous drama and more, as one of them describes, "about isolation. About closure of both the mind and the heart. And the spirit." The documentary shows prisoners, most serving a life sentence, who refuse such closure and instead work to uncover and express themselves. Their primary tool is making art and the film takes us to New Folsom's Arts in Corrections' room, to prison poetry readings, gospel choirs, blues guitar on the yard, and to many more scenes of creation.

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