Angry Birds: Ham'o'Ween

Angry Birds: Ham'o'Ween

Год 2011
Рейтинг 5.9
Длительность 00:05
Страна финляндия
Жанр короткометражка, мультфильм
Премьера в мире 21/10/2011
Режиссер Janne Roivainen
Продюсер Ник Дорра, Ritva Eskelinen, Майкл Хэд
Сценарист Lauri Konttori, Lauri Manninen, Janne Roivainen
Three of the little blue angry birds are trick or treating. They gather a heap of candy. Then they spot a large moving creature going over a hill. The birds go to investigate when a little orange bird lands in their candy bucket and starts eating the candy. The birds look like they are going to get angry when some evil egg eating pigs are seen wearing pig masks and carrying buckets of candy. The birds hide behind a tree and then realizes that the little orange bird has moved from their bucket to one of the evil pigs bucket. The birds find a pig mask on the ground and go to save their little orange friend from the pigs. The pigs go inside a sort of castle with the birds following behind and see the king pig waiting to eat all the candy. The pigs empty their candy buckets on a conveyor belt which then can go straight into the king pigs waiting mouth. The orange bird then is dumped on the belt. The belt is turned o and goes forward. The 3 blue birds make it go backwards. The pigs tr and attack the orange bird but they are all flicked off the belt. The king pig gets dragged onto the belt by accident and the belt explodes sending the orange bird, the king pig and a piece of candy up in the air. The bird and pig go after the candy in the air. It is grabbed by the king pig. This makes the orange bird angry and he expands into this huge orange fat bird which squishes the king pig on a wall. He spits out the candy and it goes into the orange birds mouth. The orange bird burps and loses all his air which made him fat and turns small again while flying around and destroying the castle. He lands safely in the candy bucket and the 3 blue birds look in amazement at their new best friend. The birds leave and in the background the castle falls down.

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