Morales, El Reformador

The Social Reformer

Год 2012
Длительность 01:22
Страна чили
Жанр боевик, комедия, драма
Бюджет 253 998$
Премьера в мире 18/08/2012
Режиссер Victor Cubillos
Продюсер Victor Cubillos, Georg Welzel
Сценарист Ренато Бернаскони, Victor Cubillos, Ян Хенрик Штальберг
В ролях Виктор Монтеро, Daniela Castillo Toro, Ricardo Cubillos
Set months before the recent social movements that rocked Chile and the world, we are introduced to Ulises Morales, an exemplary citizen of Santiago who believes that Chilean citizens have lost their values and sense of social responsibility. He is a contemporary reformer that in times of change pursues a single mission: to give thousands of Chileans and Latin Americans the power to change their destiny, to become aware and accountable as a new social order emerges.

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