Островок смерти

El cayo de la muerte

Cuba, 1958. Rodolfo is 20 years old and dreams of becoming a Hollywood filmmaker. His father, a member of the revolutionary movement, is fleeing from the police, a situation that forces the family to abandon Havana and take refuge in San Juan de las Rocas, a boring village, where Rodolfo's dreams of filmmaking seem far away. Rodolfo writes a letter to the Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios and hopes to find a job offer. Surprisingly, Rodolfo meets a local group of keen amateur movie-makers on a set. One of the group members, Laura, is engaged to Leonardo, the mayor's son and "producer" of their local movies. Rodolfo falls in love with Laura and is inspired by her to write his latest script "The Isle of Death", the tale of an evil doctor who controls the inhabitants of a god-forsaken island by hypnosis. Meanwhile, Rodolfo's father joins the local revolutionaries whose aim is to eliminate the feared Captain Duarte, the main force of oppression in the village. Despite his father considering his Hollywood endeavors childish, Rodolfo steals revolutionary funds in order to film his movie. The beloved Laura is his star. The story of the evil and dictatorial doctor is a success and succeeds in spurring the audience to rebel.

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