Too Much

Too Much

Год 1987
Длительность 01:29
Страна сша
Жанр комедия
Премьера в мире 08/07/1988
Режиссер Эрик Роше
Продюсер Йорам Глобус, Менахем Голан, Дов Маоз
В ролях Бриджит Андерсен, Masato Fukazama, Чар Фонтейн, Дэвид Спенсер, Хироюки Ватанабэ
When Suzie and her parents take a visit to Japan her father's business partner, an inventor called Tetsuro decides to make Suzie a robot. The robot's name is 'Too Much' (or TM for short) and he and Suzie become the best of friends. But when the day comes for Suzie to return home she finds she's not allowed to take TM with her, so they run away together. However, they must watch out for a rival inventor of Tetsuro's is looking for them so that he can examine TM's programming. Will TM and Suzie manage to escape from his clutches and prove that love conquers all?

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