Jiang hu jie ban ren

Jiang hu jie ban ren

Год 1988
Длительность 01:26
Страна гонконг
Премьера в мире 09/09/1988
Режиссер Мэн Кит Пун
Сценарист Кларенс Йип
В ролях Сиу Чунг Мок, Майкл Мю, Филип Чань, Yung Cheng Chang, Джин Чен, Санг Янг Чен, Мэй Чин, Ка-Куи Хо, Фенг Ку, Ming-Chie Kuang
When Lee Sam, a ten-year veteran of the Hong Kong underworld, is released from prison, he dispatches two enemies and goes into hiding in Taipei where his old friend Billy is a boss. Billy is a hothead whose rivalries with other gangs put Sam at risk. After bailing Billy out a couple of times, Sam tries to get out of the Mob life. He retires to the coastal town of Tainam, works as a fishmonger, and falls in love with the sister of Crow, a 20-year-old who wants to work for Billy. Can Sam quit violence for good, start a family, and protect Crow?

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