Que pena tu boda

Que pena tu boda

Über-hot Chilean director Nicolás López is back with Fuck My Wedding, an engaging sequel to last year's Fuck My Life. This time, Javier's finally got his life back together. His career is going great, and he and Angela are still together as a happy couple. So happy, in fact, that Javier sees no reason to get married and mess up a good thing. But when Angela unexpectedly gets pregnant, he decides to do the honorable thing and propose. Temptation arrives in the form of his boss' precocious daughter, Lucia, who becomes Javier's new intern. She clearly wants more from him than just a little guidance, and soon the cracks in Javier's non-committal commitment begin to show. Once again, López shows how social networking has become woven into the ups and downs of modern relationships, while still using the romantic comedy to portray the Chilean 20-something generation as they wrestle with maturity.

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