Jag är min egen Dolly Parton

Jag är min egen Dolly Parton

Год 2011
Длительность 01:30
Страна швеция
Жанр документальный
Премьера в мире 11/03/2011
Режиссер Jessica Nettelbladt
Продюсер Стина Гарделл, Метте Хоффман Мейер, Mikael Windelin
Сценарист Jessica Nettelbladt
В ролях Gudrún Hauksdóttir, Хелена Юсефссон, Сесилия Нордлунд, Нина Перссон, Lotta Wenglén
Five women musicians are brought together by their love for singer Dolly Parton. They all have dreams for their futures, but they are also burdened by their painful pasts. During a series of tribute concerts a warm friendship develops which leads to in-depth descriptions of the women's life stories. We get to meet Gudrun, the resolute driving force who has built up a career as a music producer through her own determination, but forgotten her family in the process; Nina, the shy world star who got caught up in a career whirlwind and almost lost her soul in the process; Cecilia, who suddenly left her career in the Souls rock band, hid from everyone and gradually made reality of a dream to do her own thing; Lotta is here, too - the singer who had the courage to break away from everyone's expectations and find unconventional ways of achieving what she had longed for; and Helena with her dreamer's rich imagination, struggling against her habit of belittling herself, who got fed up with lacking things and started creating her own beautiful islands in life. I am My Own Dolly Parton is a deeply personal documentary by film-maker Jessica Nettelbladt; over a long period, she has followed music producer Gudrun Hauksdottir and the singers Nina Persson, Cecilia Nordlund, Lotta Wenglén and Helena Josefsson - five colorful women who have all felt inspired by the way Dolly Parton has beaten her own track and not been afraid of being considered difficult; they are five women, prepared to take up new challenges in life - they bring us along on a journey of taking yourself seriously, listening to your inner longings, and daring to make your dreams come true.

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