Истинная правда, жизнь Эстеллы

Verdades verdaderas, la vida de Estela

In 1976, a coup d'etat by the Armed Forces replaced the argentine constitutional Government and policies of terror that trampled on human rights were implemented. In a few years, the hidden and silent violence of these policies spiraled and 30,000 citizens of different ages and social conditions were murdered. They were wrongly called the disappeared and, among them, there were young children or unborn young who were delivered in prisons of the military dictatorship and whose kidnappers abducted and registered as their own children. This movie tells the story of Estela Barnes Carlotto, a human rights activist in Argentina, chairwoman of the Association of Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, who stopped being a housewife to get involved in public affairs after the kidnap of her daughter, Laura Estela Carlotto in 1977. The film is about the way her life was transformed. The quest of a wife, a mother, a grandmother. A fight for ideals of justice, for reconciliation, for reunions. Estela's painful life can be taken as an example for anyone who has suffered a loss. Not only the loss of a relative during the military dictatorship but any kind of unfair loss.

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