Год 2010
Длительность 00:06
Страна сша
Жанр музыка, мультфильм, короткометражка
Премьера в мире 30/07/2010
Режиссер Мишель Ганье
Продюсер Мишель Ганье
A short animated film that visualizes in abstract form, an improvised musical session by two leaders of the avant-guarde jazz movement, Paul Plimley (piano) and Barry Guy (bass).The music was recorded on November 9th, 1995, at the Western Front in Vancouver, Canada The film was started in August 2006 and completed in July 2010. Sensology was handdrawn (painted) with a Wacon tablet at first, and later, a Cintiq, using Adobe Photoshop. The drawings and frames were then composited and manipulated in a 2D software called Animo. There is no vector animation at any point in the film. The animation was done stream of consciousness, one frame at a time at a rate of 30 frames per second.

Торренты фильма «Чувствология»

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