Christmas U.S.A.

Christmas U.S.A.

Год 1949
Длительность 00:13
Страна сша
Жанр короткометражка
Премьера в мире 24/07/2007
Режиссер Грегори Дж. Маркопулос
В ролях Mario Antonnini, Frederic Burae Davenport
Things spin: amusement park rides, a phonograph record. A man wakes, shaves, and takes a phone call. Another man, in a kimono, walks in the woods, stops, and opens a small decorative box on the forest floor. People at an amusement park called Little Harlem enjoy themselves. A man walks through another amusement park, called Cavalcade Worlds, as midway rides spin. At a house, an older woman cleans; a pre-teen girl sets the table; a teenaged boy showers. After he dresses, he holds a candle high above his head and walks swiftly toward a young man standing bare-chested, his arms extended. A man arrives home where the girl has set the table. The youth sleeps. Christmas?

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