Темнокожая фея

Comedy Makes You Cry

Год 2010
Длительность 01:52
Страна тайвань
Жанр комедия, драма
Премьера в мире 28/05/2010
Режиссер Zong-de Wu
Продюсер Джо Цзе
Сценарист Zong-de Wu
В ролях Чао-юнь Чен, Бай Лин, Лене Лай, Ру Чжи Ся, Вилли Лин, Бингбинг Бай, Кванг Конг, Мэй-Сиу Лин, An-bang Pan, Joy Yi-Chun Pan
This story is a description of how modern people search for their happiness and self-worth in Taipei City. In order to make a living, a man and a woman applied for a job as Call Man and Call Girl in the same day coincidentally, and they also sat out with the same taxi in that day. More spontaneously, due to various factors, both of them always fail to get clients which produced a lot of funny accidents. Finally, these pitiful and ridiculous "chicken and duck" have an opportunity to break the shackles on their body toward the well-being reality. The film's unique humor in trying to approach the interpretation of the most true humanity.

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