The Latin & The Gringo

The Latin & The Gringo

What if Jesus came back to save the world ??? In tough times like these we must wonder where can he be??? Obviously...he's getting pampered and manicured in heaven. But all that's about to change my friend.... Evil has come up from the wraths of hell to take over . The devil has manipulated his way to inheriting Tinseltown's largest media conglomerate. Allowing him to Influence the masses against GOOD and moving one step closer to world chaos. Now, it is up to God's son to make it all right. Just one problem, it's been 2000 years since he's had a real job. A bit rusty and a lot of spoiled...he must prove himself worthy to his father and the world of taking over the family business, restoring peace. Hollywood has now "literally" become the devil's's going to take a "miracle" to win back this town. In order to make this happen, God plummets Jesus back to Earth, taking away his superpowers, to see what he's really made of. Did we make him blend in modern day Los Angeles...Jesus takes the form of a homeless- unemployed Latino "illegal" alien. Uh's back to carpentry. Let's see if "Hey-sus" is up for the challenge...again! If destroying evil wasn't hard enough...."Ay Dios Mio" !!

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