Supermen of Malegaon

Supermen of Malegaon

Год 2008
Длительность 00:52
Страна япония, индия, корея южная, сингапур
Жанр документальный
Премьера в мире 28/07/2008
Режиссер Faiza Ahmad Khan
Продюсер Faiza Ahmad Khan, Сиддхартх Такур, Gargey Trivedi
В ролях Шакил Бхарти, Фарогх Джефри, Акрам Кхан, Шафик, Назир Шайх
Malegaon, a small town tucked away near the heart of India geographically, is fraught with communal tension and under severe economic depression. To escape the harsh reality of their world, its people seek refuge in the fantastical world of cinema. This passion for cinema has spurred a group of cinema enthusiasts to make their own films-quirky, low budget, socially aware and notoriously funny spoofs of Bollywood films. Their ambition has grown and now they are ready to take on Hollywood and Superman. We follow them on this journey. At times funny, tragic, contemplative. Always warm and engaging. And as the film begins to take shape, through schemes and approaches that are sublimely ingenious, simply bizarre and purely hysterical, we also slowly discover Malegaon itself. A microcosm that embodies and reflects the complexities of modern small town India. Where the modern and the traditional rub shoulders, where extreme poverty and extreme wealth are neighbours, bewildering in its diversity, trapped in self-made destinies, with a spirit that can never be vanquished. The film is a tribute to that spirit, the spirit that enables The Supermen of Malegaon to make Malegaon's Superman.

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