Oasis: Standing on the Edge of the Noise

Oasis: Standing on the Edge of the Noise

Год 2008
Длительность 00:59
Страна великобритания
Жанр музыка, документальный
Премьера в мире 27/11/2008
Режиссер Дик Карратерс
Продюсер Эшли Паг
В ролях Oasis, Лиам Галлахер, Ноэль Галлахер, Крис Шэррок
Oasis invited a few fans to join them for the final night of their rehearsals before they hit the road in 2008. Over 10,000 fans applied to go in under 24 hours for the 100 places on offer. The resulting film - 'Standing On The Edge Of The Noise' - is a unique, intimate look at the band performing in their own space.

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