Стук сердца

Thulladha Manamum Thullum

Год 1999
Длительность 02:50
Страна индия
Жанр драма, мелодрама
Премьера в мире 29/01/1999
Режиссер Ezhil
Продюсер Р.Б. Чоудари
В ролях Dhamu, Маниваннан, Симран, Виджай
Kutty wants to become a singer while working in an audio shop run by Mani. His songs are appreciated by a college student Rukmani and each time when she wishes to meet him, circumstances project him as a transitive element. He also becomes the cause for Rukmani losing her eyesight and repents for it. He starts to love her and he regularly writes to his mother about the development of love he has for Rukmani. When his mother dies, she offers her eyes to Rukmani. To meet the cost of the eye transplant, kutty offers his kidney to a Pune-based richman. While returning home he inadvertently becomes an accomplice in creating explosives and he's arrested. Having regained her vision, Rukmani, who had studied for IAS, becomes a Collector and when Kutty tries to contact her, he is still the rowdy element in her mind.

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