Lucy is a 19 year old TV intern at a Swiss TV network when she discovers a look alike in archival footage about the local women's lib movement in the 70's. Her family's resistance to the matter convinces Lucy that a secret lurks behind this mysterious double, and she sets out to find the woman. She slowly finds out that her doppelganger, named Genevieve, was an infamous feminist and abortion activist and could be her real grand-mother. Why did Genevieve disappear? Why was she scratched from her family's history? Why did she abandon Lucy's mother? Lucy's family stays mum. The young woman's problems pile up when she discovers she's pregnant, the father being her ex-boyfriend. Torn between her mother who advocates an immediate abortion and her ex-boyfriend's marriage proposal, Lucy can't choose. She finds refuge in the idea that finding Genevieve, who abandoned her own child and was fighting for abortion rights, holds the key to her past and therefore her future as a woman. As her family implodes, Lucy, helped by her abrasive teen sister, unfolds a family plot which leads her to revisit the history of women's liberation in Switzerland through archival footage as well as encounters with participants in the 70's movement. Her final confrontation with Genevieve lets out the heavy secret which had encumbered her family for three generations of women. It forces the Lucy to position herself as a feminist and the consequences of her engagement on her love story and her involuntary pregnancy.

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