Под чужим именем

Võõra nime all

"Voora nime all", which translates roughly as "under a foreign name", explores the situation during the Second World War when fellow countrymen were forced to fight against each other and their native country, as some were forced into the Soviet army and others into the opposing Nazi army. Hendrik Paralepa is an Estonian, who is a soldier in the Soviet army. He is sent undercover to the German-occupied city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, in order to prepare for its imminent occupation by the Soviet forces. To undermine the German forces, Hendrik assumes the identity of a SS soldier named Mart Kuusik - a fellow Estonian and a former classmate of Hendrik's, who was killed in the line of fire. Hendrik's high school sweetheart, a girl called Heli Mets who is the daughter of the city registrar, is also in Tallinn and she's working hard to keep the national archives safe in an attempt to preserve the history of her country, which is caught between two warring nations. The film deals with the conflicts that go on between people and their consciences during wartime.

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