Murder Is Like Sex

Murder Is Like Sex

Год 2009
Длительность 01:52
Страна сша
Жанр ужасы
Премьера в мире 07/04/2009
Режиссер Keith Boron
Сценарист Keith Boron
В ролях Робин Григгс, Джэйсон Гэрити, Хезер Саммерс, Майкл Хэнтон, Ken Sechtist, Мэттью Тернер, Лидсэй Гэриш, Холли Секрист, Mildred Boron, Steve Yeany
Stuck in a dead-end job, the relationship-challenged high school graduate Kevin (Jayson Garity) thinks he may have found and escape to his life problems when a lovely and mysterious young woman named Lisa (Robyn Griggs) moves in next door. But Lisa harbors some dark secrets, and before long, Kevin finds himself accused of murder.

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