Ребус-фильм № 1

Rebus Film Nr. 1

Год 1925
Длительность 00:15
Страна германия
Жанр короткометражка
Режиссер Пауль Лени
Сценарист Ганс Бреннет, Пауль Лени
An "extra" shown in two parts at the movie theater, before and after a feature: part one gives the clues to six words in a crossword puzzle, part two gives the answers. In addition to the visual clues, which are clips of a party, an Asian country, a European city, table games, winter, and bullfighting, there are montages of street scenes and spinning objects. A simple cartoon character, Mr. Rebus, walks the audience through the clues, and title cards encourage the participation of the theatergoers.

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