Arjun lives a poor lifestyle in Madhopur along with his school-master dad, Bansilal, mom, and sister. His family is abused by Thakur Suryanarayan Singh's men and are forced to leave the region. Years later Arjun returns to avenge this humiliation but ends up getting arrested for killing a village belle, Tulsi, while his father gets killed by bandit Dhurjan Singh. Arjun is tried in Court, found guilty, and sentenced to life imprisonment, but with the help of another bandit, Shamsher Singh, escapes and kills Thakur Karan Singh. He then joins forces with Shamsher to kill Suryanarayan Singh and Dhurjan, who had earlier abducted and sexually molested, Lajwanti, Shamsher's betrothed and also killed Munna, his brother - little knowing that Suryanarayan has already enlisted the assistance of the Inspector General of Police to ensure their respective captures and arrests. And if that fails Suryanarayan also has another fail-safe plan that includes the deaths of both Arjun and Shamsher and an end to the threat on his life forever.

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