The Legend of Sorrow Creek

The Legend of Sorrow Creek

Год 2007
Длительность 01:14
Страна канада
Жанр драма, ужасы, триллер
Бюджет 10 639$
Премьера в мире 04/08/2007
Режиссер Michael Penning
Продюсер Джофф Клейн, Michael Penning, Jon Deitcher
Сценарист Michael Penning
В ролях Кристина Карон, Мишель Карон, Jon Deitcher, William Penning, Клинтон Ли Понтес, Freya Ravensbergen, Расселл Сэнгстер, Мэтт Тернер, Стивен Уолкер
Kayla and Jesse loved spending their childhood summers at their grandfather's secluded cottage in the pristine mountains of rural New England. Now, fifteen years since their last visit, the sisters return along with Kayla's boyfriend Dean and his best-friend Tobe for a much-needed break from their busy lives in New York. But when a simple fishing accident leads the foursome to follow an unexplored shortcut through the woods, the lives of this small group of friends are shattered forever as they suddenly find themselves facing the shocking and terrible curse of one of America's most haunted places.

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