Вечерняя заря


Widower Nawab Yusuf Khan lives a wealthy lifestyle in Sultanpur, British India, along with his school-going son, Shahnawaz, and a college-going brother, Aslam, When he finds out that Aslam has fallen into wrong company and is frequenting a courtesan by the name of Pheroza, he gets him to return home and arranges his marriage with Shama, who is the only daughter of Maulvi Karrimudin. On the day of the marriage, Aslam runs away, elopes and gets married to Pheroza. A devastated Karrimudin passes away, leaving his wife and Shama destitute and dependent on Mehrunisa. Aslam returns home along with Pheroza, her mom, Nadira, maternal uncle, Dilawar, and a servant, Lathan. When Shahnawaz starts to take interest in the courtesan's way of life, a disturbed Yusuf gets him enrolled in a far-off hostel, leaves the house, and wanders aimlessly until he meets with his aunt, Mehrunisa, who talks him into getting married to Shama, which he does and brings her home. On Shama's insistence, he brings Shahnawaz home also, the trio get along well with each other much to Aslam's displeasure amidst India's independence, Shahnawaz excels in his studies and gets an award from the Governor. Little does Yusuf know that their idyllic lifestyle will be shattered when a sudden death and a homicide takes place in their household, and Shama will be accused of having an illicit relationship with Prakash Ghosh.

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