Giddh: The Vulture

Giddh: The Vulture

In a remote rural town in India, live a young woman named Ahnami and her husband, Bhashya. Bhashya is a laborer who earns a daily wage, drinks alcohol with part of it, and gives the rest to his wife for their livelihood. On some days he does not make any money, and as a result acts as a pimp for his wife, so that they can feed themselves. These are the two who are attempting to spearhead a awakening amongst this town which encourages young girls not to marry, but give themselves up to be devdasis (prostitutes), forever made to appease and satisfy males. These girls cannot marry locally as all the local young men have been sodomized, and the only way they can lead a normal life is by escaping to Bombay via a daily bus service. But even on the bus there is a pimp named Veerappan, who lures the girls on the pretext of a better life, but sells them in brothels in Bombay's red-light areas. There is no other route for these girls as the local police are apathetic, and corrupt, and the townspeople are all afraid to speak up out of fear of reprisals and superstition. Will this couple succeed in making any changes, or are they all doomed in the same vicious circle?

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