Mae bia

Mae bia

Год 2001
Страна таиланд
Жанр триллер, драма
Премьера в мире 09/03/2001
Режиссер Somching Srisupap
В ролях Напакпапха Накпраситте, Акара Амкарттаякул, Davorin Nikolavcic
Chanachol has spent several years overseas, so on his return to Thailand he signs up for a tour to familiarise himself with his homeland again. He is instantly attracted to his guide, the voluptuous Mekhala. And she clearly has eyes for him too. They begin an affair, but both are keeping secrets from each other. Chanocol has a wife, Mai Kaew, and a son waiting for him at home. Mekhala, meanwhile, has her own secret relationship: with a particularly jealous snake whose fangs soon have Chanachol's name all over them...

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