Yern Peh Lay semakute

The Three Cripples

Yern, a bus driver, Lay, his cross-eyed best friend, and Peh, a crippled woman who sells fish at the local market are all sick of being poor. They feel the only way they will ever have a chance to be rich is to join the gang of Mafia godfather, Boss Tod. The threesome is assigned by Boss Tod to kidnap a millionaire's son. They fulfill the mission, but they accidentally bring back the wrong boy. The boy they've kidnapped is Sang-wu, the lonely son of mafia Boss Bo. Later, they end up taking care of Sang-wu because the boy is afraid of the violence in his family. Meanwhile, Boss Bo announces that brutal torture awaits the kidnappers who took his son. Yern, Peh and Lay must now struggling to survive.

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